About Emergency

Major activities of the department are centerd around teaching and research. In addition, some of the laboratories also provide diagnostic services. This Department will conduct one-year course in Anatomy for MBBS students contributing to the development of curriculum for other Medical Colleges in India, A state-of-the-art eLearning Facility (eLF) and teaching/learning technologies are adopted in all the sub- specialties of Anatomy. A state of the art e-learning facility has been established as a tool for teaching, learning and evaluation.The MBBS course tends to start from the year 2016 with 150 students. The department has a dissection hall with attached embalming room, Histology Laboratory, Museum, Library, Demonstration rooms and Research laboratories. The dissection hall has embalming tanks, dissection tables and x-ray view boxes. Other than these it is furnished with mortuary coolers and band saw machine along with human skeleton models. Cadavers embalming is done for the study of human anatomy.