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Welcome to GS Medical College and Hospital. People have recognized Uttar Pradesh for its exhaustive algorithm of educational institutes and health care centres. However, it has always felt the need to strengthen institutions that serve our society through various endeavours. The foundation of GS Medical College and Hospital has fulfilled this lacking. We started on a mission with the establishment of this institution in 2017 to produce such healthcare and academic facilities that help in the holistic development of our society. Aided by our well-structured curriculum, extensive engagement, and top-notch mining patient care services, we created a balance between well-being and health.

Started with an annual admission of 150 MBBS students, we have made a remarkable achievement by adding Post Graduation in all clinical. Leaving no stone unturned, we emphasize producing world-class education and training facilities to structure a group of medical students with exceptionally high proficiency. The relentless work of our young institute in the healthcare and education sector has strengthened many wings. Working as a stellar GS Medical College has become one of the most preferred education centers for graduates and post-graduate students seeking medical education.

Dr. Rupali Sharma Medical Director of GS Medical College & Hospital

Dr. Rupali Sharma

Medical Director (MD)

GS Group of College

Healthcare is the other supporting pillar of our organization; we have established preventive medicine units working towards an envision of developing a healthy India. With our practical, handpicked, and seasoned expertise team, we have made GS Medical College and Hospital a powerhouse of boarding healthcare services in a brief span of time. Setting new standards, we are able to derive a spiking number of patients not only from the neighboring territories but also from other provinces. Upgraded with top-quality medical technology and facilities, we are able to develop services covering all specialties and building its standards with comprehensive super-specialties.

The healthcare facilities, solutions, and infrastructure make this institution one of the country's leading creative and successful ventures. Our belief in the Indian education and healthcare system and its apprehension through ingenious ideas has won the hearts of many and drawn supporters from the public. With passaging time and continuous up-gradation in medicine and academia, we continue to sustain the highest degree of medical healthcare and education while ensuring that our roots are firmly grounded. Providing a wholesome modern medical center, we continuously met through the patient-friendly and curative environment. We are constantly improving and increasing our preventive healthcare services, applications, and clinics. This is a pragmatic vision of expanding practices to meet the needs of our patients. Through this website, we can showcase our activities, development, plans, and strategies regarding the blossoming medical field.

Our ethical and high-quality based medicine and proficient staff deliver outstanding hospitality and professional services. Thus, I invite all my visitors to explore various sections of our website and get an intimate understanding of GS Medical College and Hospital's structure, ideas, and vision. We appreciate your feedback and comments that not only help us build people-friendly services but also foster healthy relationships.

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