Emergency Medicine

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The emergency department is the first point of contact for critically ill patients and urgent cases. Patients who need immediate attention are generally reported to the emergency department of a hospital. It is important to take the right decision on which medical cases need urgent and emergency care. This is usually done in the triage area of the hospital to determine emergency cases. Based on this, patient care for attention and treatment management is prioritized on the availability of the best resources.

Types of Emergency Cases

  • Life-threatening cases: Life-threatening cases are monitored in our special emergency ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
  • Severe injured or traumatic cases: These cases need ongoing continual assessment, and observation to recover which are managed under observation in our observation unit.
  • Resuscitation cases: Patients needing immediate resuscitation whether in hospital or outside are reported to the resuscitation unit or ICU under expert care.

At GS Medical College, we understand that every patient is important and needs special attention. But, when it comes to emergency cases, they need immediate attention to save a life. Some patients may walk into the hospital for minor issues, illness, or injury which can be managed with primary care as needed in OPD (outpatient clinical department) with our team of expert doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

Based on the intensity of medical cases and symptoms, the patient may be reported to the hospital in a casualty or emergency room.

Emergency Department and Team at GS Medical College

Our emergency department and team are managed by the following experts in the hospital which are:

  • Emergency consultant.
  • Resident Medical Officer in charge.
  • Expert nursing team.
  • Paramedical staff for assistance.

The emergency department and team are available round-the-clock 24/7 throughout the year for 365 days.

Evolution of the emergency department at GS Medical College

The emergency department at GS Medical College was established in the year 2022. Before this, the college also provided emergency care in the casualty department in the initial phase of institutional and hospital development. Over the years, as GS Medical College gained recognition for best treatment solutions under expert care, there was a need to set up an emergency department associated with GS Medical College.

Types of emergency services at GS Medical College

Following emergency services are available at GS Medical College:

  • Pharmacy.
  • Lab services.
  • Radiology CT, MRI scan.
  • Operation theater.
  • Laboratory.
  • Casualty ICU.
  • Emergency care facility.
  • Neonatal critical care.
  • Resuscitation care.
  • Medical emergency triage.
  • Observation unit.
  • Ultrasound facility with expert radiologist.
  • Recreational care with cafeteria, 24-hour internet access.
  • Emergency registration.
  • Consultant room.
  • X-ray unit.
  • Blood bank .
  • Educational Library.
  • Plaster room.
  • In-house training.
  • Well-equipped beds.
  • Central suction supply.
  • Portable ventilator facility.
  • Equipped medical cart and disaster trolly with all essential drugs.

Expert attention at the Hospital

The group of emergency medical teams at GS Medical College is focused on immediate and urgent care for all the cases reported to them. The emergency department is headed by emergency consultants who are also clinical consultants for optimizing continued care. The emergency department at GS Medical College provides expert world-class clinical care in medical, surgical, orthopedics, pediatric, obstetrical and gynecological, cardiac, neurology, ENT, ophthalmology, and geriatric segments.

The main focus of our expert team is to stabilize and optimize the patient with the earliest management. The hospital is known to handle multiple emergencies with 24/7 assistance.


Dr. Archana Agrawal HOD of Emergency Medicine in GS Medical College & Hospital

Dr. Archana Agrawal


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