Skill Lab

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What is a Skill Lab?

Skill Lab is a robust dedicated medical platform to learn and master critical skills to ensure and promote the best medical outcome, which helps provide the right treatment for the patients with positive results and better recovery. Every hospital & medical college aims to reach a maximum success rate in all patients for better recovery and cure. This is possible with the good expertise of doctors and the right medicines for the patients.

Just a medical degree to become a doctor is not enough. One needs to have adequate experience with polished skills through expert clinical training to stand out and be the best in the medical fraternity.

GS Medical College is a dedicated platform to train medical graduates and allied healthcare professionals by imparting the best knowledge in the medical field.

Importance of skill labs in the medical industry

There is always a need to perform better in all sectors or fields. The same goes for the medical fraternity. With advanced research and scientific development, it is very important to keep yourself updated to be the best doctor for the proper effective treatment for the patients. The importance of the skill labs is as follows.

  • Specific practical training skills and facilities .
  • Real-life application at the bedside for the doctors.
  • Training for clinical procedures in the best environments.
  • Guidance and expertise under specialist doctors and surgeon.
  • Basic and advanced training programs right for analyzing reports to performing surgeries.
  • Training to be a future health care professional with responsibility.
  • Access to selective literature for masters in the medical field.
  • Learn to analyze the key efficacy factors for better treatment.
  • One-on-one peer-assisted learning for the healthcare professional from experts.
  • Scientific and evidence-based learning.
  • Promote learning for good patient encounters.

Medical expertise at Skill Labs- GS Medical College

GS Medical College serves as a dedicated institution for doctors and healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technology, recent research and development. It caters not only to doctors but also serves as a potential resource of quality skilled knowledge to bring about a revolution in the medical industry. GS Medical College has competence-based medical education, with skilled training and medical programs for healthcare professionals in many areas of the medical field which include:

  • Adult BLS.
  • Pediatric BLS.
  • ACLS.
  • PALS.
  • Cardiology.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Urology.
  • Orthopedic.
  • Dermatology.
  • Pediatric.
  • Radio diagnosis.
  • Anesthesiology.
  • Psychiatry.

Skill & Enhancement Training Available at GS Medical College for Skill Labs

Here are some of the important facilities available at GS Medical College for skill labs which are as follows:

  • Operating room with video monitoring.
  • Intensive care unit with video monitoring.
  • Pediatric room and maternity room.
  • Surgical unit with monitoring.
  • Trauma unit.
  • CMEs (Continued Medical Education).
  • Professional control room for each specialty area.
  • Academic programs for healthcare professions.
  • Postgraduate training program for doctors.
  • Skill training in many fields which includes medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and allied courses.
  • Certified & Competent specialist trainers.

This allows professional expertise to all the new doctors joining in at GS Medical College irrespective of their experience. It also helps doctors follow ethical practices with scientific protocols to provide the best possible treatment and patient safety in case of emergency measures.

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